Chris Rae

"The pictures are there and you just take them." - Robert Capa
I found an interest in photography in late 2009 during a Photojournalism module on my university course. I was fascinated by the reportage work of the greats - Capa, Cartier-Bresson and Parr. I loved how they got right up close to the subject, but without being obtrusive or making the image look staged. All their work looks natural and transports the viewer straight to the scene. This was the theme I wanted to go down with my images, but using LoFi cameras such as the Lomo LC-A.

Chris Rae is a Journalism student, photography geek, camera hoarder and lover of all things analogue. He occasionally strays into the digital world, but always comes back to film. Chris is based in Aberdeen and got involved with the group whilst on placement with the Scotland on Sunday magazine, Spectrum.

Edinburgh LoFi Photography Group Projects

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