Rhiannon Connelly

Rhiannon Connelly is a professional photographer based in Scotland.

Alongside my portrait work I have been using SX70 polaroid cameras for a few years to take these slightly dreamy images that fall half way between photograph and painting.

Since discovering this process it has been a real source of delight to me, and a perfect way to work. My routine involves choosing a location, strolling around for a while, taking my photograph or a few, but not too many in one go. Walking around a little more to allow the photograph to reach the optimum point for working on. Finding a cafe, ordering a reviving cappuccino and spending the next hour or so working on the photograph to achieve the results you see here. I try not to take too many in one go after one session where I shot a whole batch of ten in one session and had to race against time, with aching hands to complete everything before the film became unworkable.


Edinburgh LoFi Photography Group Projects

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