Evening Monthly Meeting

2nd Tuesday's of each month from 6:30pm

Drop in evening meeting on the second Tuesday of each month (except August). All welcome.

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Daytime Monthly Meeting

Last Wednesday's of each month from 10:30am

Coffee morning meet on the last Wednesday of each month (except December) with exhibitions or photowalk after. All Welcome

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Other Events

Photowalks, exhibition visits
and workshops.

We also meet each year for Pinhole Day and Cyanotype Day. During the summer we have a photowalk on the last Sundays in July, August and September. Plus ad-hoc visits and workshops.

Calendar of Events

October Coffee Morning

Wednesday 28th of October Online from 10:30am

Morning meet up on the last Wednesday of each month, for those who find it difficult to make the evenings or who just can not get enough of a good thing. All welcome.

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November Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 10th of November ONLINE from 6:30pm

Photo chat and planning for activities 2021. All welcome.

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November Coffee Morning

Wednesday 25th of November Online from 10:30am

Last Morning meeting of 2020! All welcome. The next morning meeting will be Wednesday January 27th 2021!

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Let There Be Light

ONLINE Let There Be Light - Part 1

Pinhole Photography Exhibition - Part 1

April, 2020
S Borthwick polaroid

ONLINE In An Instant

Instant photography exhibition. Polaroids and Instax film. Labs, lifts and series.

May, 2020
E Robson chemigram

ONLINE Cameraless

Photographs made without the use of a camera - photograms, lumens, chemigrams, scanograms.

June, 2020
Hacked Cameras


Hacked cameras, hacked film, hacked processing.

July, 2020
Let There Be Light

ONLINE Let There Be Light - Part 2

Let there be Light - part 2

August, 2020
Summer Photowalks

COMING SOON Summer Sundays

Photographs from our past Summer Sunday Outings

September, 2020

COMING SOON Red october

Celebrating the results of long lasting Russian Cameras.

October, 2020
Vintage Cameras


Film photographs made with cameras made before 1980.

November, 2020

Edinburgh LoFi celebrated 10
years in 2019, we are looking
forward to our next decade.

Throughout the years, it has not been the equipment, the technique or the process that was important, but producing a physical image with thought, meaning, and craft which connects with the viewer and allows a glimpse of our perspective of the world to be seen.