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April 2020 - Let There Be Light - Part 1 - Exhibition

Pinhole Image

Pinhole photograph by G.Lyall

What's On

Let There Be Light - Part 1



Online exhibition of pinhole photography. THE GALLERY IS OPEN! New work each day.

April Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 14th of April

ONLINE from 6:30pm

Pinhole day cameras and ideas for the 26th. Planning ? our summer photowalks? and all other things photographic. All welcome.

April Coffee Morning

Wednesday 29th of April

ONLINE from 10:30am

Morning meet up on the last Wednesday of each month, for those who find it difficult to make the evenings or who just can not get enough of a good thing. All welcome.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Sunday 26th of April

ONLINE from 10:30am and 16:30pm

Everyone separate but together! Go out to the garden or construct a still life at home then make a pinhole photograph. Quick catch up online before and after. All welcome.

May Monthly Meeting

Tuesday 12th of May

ONLINE from 6:30pm

Results from pinhole day and planning our summer photowalks???. All welcome.


The Edinburgh Lo-fi group was started in 2009 at the Beyond Words photography bookshop to promote and explore film photography at its most amazing. The group is now run collectively.

The group meets once a month to share their - traditional, alternative and film - photography experiences, run events, hold workshops and plan exhibitions. New members are welcome and meetings are free to attend.

Let's be social : Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr.