May 2021

This month we have been discussing:

The elegance of cabinet cards.

High ISO, high silver content? Delta 3200

The joy of escaping Edinburgh! aka the beauty of Scotland and some outdoor inspiration. Plus some helpful camping tips 😉

Getting a Gum Dichromate printing process set up.

Blackest black, whitest white – new pigment developments and some confusion over NFTs and what they are doing to fine art economics. Plus Restoring Faith in Photojournalism?

New content in the members area (feel free to email any other additions for site or blog) and discussion of adding a shop to the website and what the mechanics of that should be.

June’s meetings will be online from 6:30pm (BST) Tuesday the 8th and in person outdoors at the Botanical Gardens Edinburgh (restrictions permitting) on Wednesday the 30th from 10:30am (BST). Send us an email or DM on Social Media to get added to our virtual calls, more information on summer in person meetings and photowalks will be finalised soon.

Van Dyke Brown poppy photogram by E Robson
Poppy by E Robson