Let There Be Light – Day 5

Day 5 brings us memories of last September – Culross, Fife by Ali Millar.

The Noon woden pinhole camera captures the delecate textures and scenes from the Pier to the Abbey as a Sunday summer photowalk wound up the hill through the historic village.

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Let There Be Light – Day 3

Day 3. Where has all the music gone? by Olive Dean. A set of pinhole photographs of the Saughton Bandstand lead the ever present shadow of the viewer towards the empty stucture. Nostalgic and a little eerie, the works explore the newly restored pavillion.

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O Dean Pinhole

Let There Be Light – Day 2

Day 2 brings us the work of Donald Tainsh – Timescapes .

Donald takes the pinhole camera on excursion – an adapted 35mm film camera is mounted on a bicycle and operated remotely by cable release.

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bike pinhole
Bodycap pinhole image from bike-mounted 35mm camera, D Tainsh.

Let There Be Light – Part 1

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As we celebrate all things pinhole photography in the month leading up to Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day on the Sunday the 26th of April our exhibition opens online! New work will be added each day.

Let There Be Light is inspired by the motto carved above Edinburgh Central Library‘s main doors. Carnegie insisted this was placed above the entrance to every library he funded and the motto is as suitable for illumination through learning as it is for photography, a medium designed to record light.

While we are sad that our photographic prints can not be viewed as physical objects at this time we hope to bring them to you at a later date as Part 2 of this exhibition, which is tentatively scheduled for August 2020.

Day 1 features Graeme Lyall who “tried to take photographs with light when it was dark”, working through the winter wind, rain and sleet, to make beautiful portraits of classical Edinburgh.

RBGE Palm House Pinhole 2020 Graeme Lyall

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Call for Artists – Twitter Art Exhibit: EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND #TAE19


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Benefiting Art in Healthcare https://www.artinhealthcare.org.uk/  
Opening daySaturday 11th May 2019 5:30pm-8:30pm at
Out of the Blue Drill Hall. The show runs from May 11th to May 13th, 2019 and thereafter sales will continue online

Monday 29th April 2019  – to be included in the exhibition.
12th April to be included in the TAE19 Catalogue.

Almanac Exhibition

Events gone by in past years herald those forthcoming in the new. Edinburgh LoFi’s new members exhibition – Almanac – uses traditional, alternative and lomographic photographic processes to record the weather, tides, star paths, seasonal events of the past calendar and personal journeys.


2nd March (Saturday) to 29th March (Friday) 2019

Art and Design Department,
Central Library,
George IV Bridge,


The exhibition at the Art and Design Library contains work by:
Alan Borthwick
Sheila Borthwick
Olive Dean
Brittonie Fletcher
Mandy Kerr
Ali Millar
Graeme Pow
Elaine Robson
Roddy Shippin
John Sumpter
and “Uncredited”.

The Edinburgh LoFi group was started nine years ago at the Beyond Words photography bookshop to promote and explore film photography at its most amazing. The group is now run collectively.

Almanac – Mandy Kerr